9 day
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Travel to Dornogovi province and visit the World Energy Center, where you can refill your energy and chance to see giant pairs of eyes looking out from the stupa wall, also known as Buddha Eyes and Wisdom Eyes. It is often believed that light of wisdom can lead people out of darkness and bring the light in the dark times when you look at Buddha Eyes. Also, you will explore Khamar Monastery, established in the 1818 by prominent Mongolian writer, composer, Buddhist scholar and its great 108 white stupas.


Ulaanbaatar city tour

Nomadic family visit

Horse riding

Taiga forest exploring

Reindeer herders’ family visit

Reindeer riding

Milking reindeer

Khuvsgul lake excursion(s): horse riding, boat cruise or kayaking

Terkh White lake

Bird watching

Khorgo extinct volcano hiking

Tsenkher Hot Spring bathing

Kharkhorin, the ancient capital city

Takhi, the real wild horse

Wild life observing


Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar city

Upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar city, our driver and English-speaking guide will pick you up from the airport and be transferred to your hotel in downtown. After you settled in, we will start sightseeing tour including visit Sukhbaatar’s square. The Square is in the centre of Ulaanbaatar, in front of the Mongolian Parliament House. Across from the central square, we will visit to the National Museum of Mongolia, the biggest museum with over 54000 exhibitions from prehistoric period till 21st century. Our next stop will be Zaisan Hill Memorial.  This hill provides a panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar. Overnight in a hotel.


Day 2: Train to sainshand

After breakfast at the hotel, we will pack up our luggage, and head for catch a train to Sainshand, the provincial town of Eastern Gob. For lunch, we will picnic in the train. All along the journey, we can enjoy the splendid landscapes of the Mongolian steppe. Arrival in the early evening. Overnight at camp.


Day 3: drive to Khamariin khiid monastery

On this day, we will drive to Khamriin Khiid, the Buddhist monastery which is famous as the world energy center among Mongolians. Danzanravjaa, the famous Mongolian writer, composer, and also an honored religious teacher of Buddhism’s ‘red sect’ created this monastery in the 1820s. North of the monastery, we will explore meditation caves. Visit of one of the most sacred places in the Buddhist belief, the Shambala, the entrance of a utopian world ruled by joy and harmony. This energetic center has become a popular place of pilgrimage in Mongolia. Camelback trekking in the desert landscapes of the area of Shainshand.


Day 4: Ongon  soum, sukhbaatar province

After having breakfast, we will visit the Museum of Danzanravjaa in Sainshand town, has many unique collections created by the honored monk from the 17th century. After the museum, we will head to Ongon soum of Sukhbaatar province. Upon arrival at cite, we will explore the Budar Stone, the natural stone reserve near the southern border of Mongolia looks like an ancient city. The place is rich with ancient petroglyphs that proves the imprints of human beings liven in Mongolian territory and inscriptions related to history. 


Day 5: drive to shiliin bogd and refill your spirit

After breakfast, we will board a scenic ferry to an extinct but sacred volcano among Mongols named Shiliin Bogd. The mountain is elevated at 1778m above sea level and only men are allowed to climb on its top. Then we will explore the Bichigt Shahaa canyon, has an altitude of 100 m with the slope of 90°, and continues for 1 km. Early on, locals used this rock formation to hunt gazelle by cornering it. Therefore, this rock formation was given the name Shahaa, a word sourced from cornering in Mongolia. Also, there are 7 tombstones, 2 km from Bichigt Shahaa. In the past, some brave women protested against arranged marriages and jumped from Bichigt Shahaa to end their life. These tombstones were believed to be made for the memories of these women. Overnight in a hostel.


Day 6: drive to khuvsgul lake

After having early morning breakfast at the hotel, we will do a horseback riding trip to the sacred mountain Shiliin Bogd with the aim of see the sunrise. At 1778m, Shiliin Bogd mountain is the highest peak in Dariganga, Sukhbaatar. It uses as the hiding spot for brave Mongolian men during the aristocratic oppression. It is still believed that if a man sees the sunrise from the top of the mountain, he will be spiritually inspired for the whole year. Then we drive to the ger camp which is located near Altan Ovoo, there are ancient man stones which date to 10th to 13th century. The locals call them king, queen and son stones.   


Day 7: drive to Undurkhaan

Today we will drive back toward Ulaanbaatar city. In the afternoon, we will visit a nomadic family to learn about the Mongolian culture and life style that were kept for centuries. Overnight in a ger camp.


Day 8: drive to shine-ider

On this day, we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar city. Total driving distance is 330 km on paved road. En route to Ulaanbaatar city, we will visit the biggest equestrian statue in the world, Chinggis khan’s equestrian statue. Take photos of the Biggest Mongolian traditional boot and golden whip of Chinggis Khan, and 13th century theme park. In the camp, you’ll feel like you have transferred to Mongolia in the 13th century. Visit different tribes and taste dairy products. Learn about Mongolian history and culture. Overnight in a hotel.


Day 9: departure

Today is the end of the Energy Tour of the Gobi. Our team will transfer you to the airport in time for your international flight. Have a nice trip back to your home and thank you for choosing ELT Mongolian tours.




Group size

Price per person

2 pax

2783 USD

3-5 pax

2462 USD

6-9 pax

2390 USD

10-14 pax

2344 USD

15+ pax

2283 USD



Accommodation (twin based): 2 nights in 4 – star hotel, 7 nights in ger camps, 2 nights in nomadic family’s ger, 2 nights in teepee

Domestic train

Guiding and interpreting service

Full board meals

Transportation: vehicle 4x4 or minivan

Entrance fees to protected areas and national parks

Museums and cultural performance

Sleeping bags, and Matt

Cooking equipment

Camping equipment

Border permits

Pack animal rental


International airfare

Personal equipment

Optional activity cost

Excess baggage charges

Alcoholic drinks

Travel insurance

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