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According to the Mongolian proverb “a Mongol man without a horse is like a bird without wings”. Mongolian nomadic culture is intensely linked to horses. Mongolian children grow up with horses, becoming skillful riders before they are five. The horse and a nomadic lifestyle of living enabled the Mongols led by Chinggis Khaan and his descendant to amass the largest empire to world has ever known. The Mongol horse is small, being about the height of a double pony like 1.3 meters at the shoulder. Outside Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia has almost no roads and the territory is too vast to walk. The horse is the most practical form of transportation in Mongolia. The pleasure is to be unconstrained by roads or traffic lights, free to go in any direction! Fermented mare’s milk airag is a refreshing drink, Mongolia’s drink of choice. This mild beverage made of fermented mare’s milk has a slightly acid taste and great for treating thirst. The beverage makes one of main ingredients of the summer diet of Mongols and no festive is complete without it.


Day 1. Arrival in UB, drive to Gorkhi Terelj                 /LD/             Ger camp

Day 2. Turtle rock and Meditation temple                   /BLD/            Tent

Day 3. Horse riding in Terelj National park                 /BLD/            Tent

Day 4. Horse riding and drive to UB                            /BLD/            Hotel

Day 5. Departure end of tour                                        /B/


Day 1.  Gorkhi Terelj National Park

Upon arrival Ulaanbaatar, you will meet our team at ‘Chinggis Khaan’ international airport and be transferred to your ger camp in Terelj National Park. After breakfast at the camp, we will begin our journey on horseback to explore the national park. The Terelj area protected as National Park since 1998 in order to conserve some rare species of both plants and animals. Mountains in the national park are averagely elevated at 2200m above the sea level, and contains from granite stones formed into distinctive shapes as consequence of weathering. We will start our horse riding trip along the valley to the Tuul River. Overnight in ger camp.    


Day 2. Turtle Rock/Aryapala Meditation Center 

After breakfast at the camp, we start our adventurous horseback riding day in the park. The riding distance will be 25-30km per day. On the riding way we explore magnificent alpine landscape of Terelj. Many people have called it “the Switzerland of Mongolia”; it is an excellent place for horse riding, hiking and river rafting. The most popular granite rock formation is called Turtle Rock-a gigantesque rock made and carved into a turtle by only weathering and wind erosion, across from the Turtle rock, there is a Buddhist meditation center called Aryapala temple just nestled in hills, from front stairs of the temple, you will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Terelj National Park. We ride around 25-30 km to the Khan Khentii mountain range passing beautiful Terelj River, lush green meadows and bushy steppes with willow. Terelj River is primarily midsize stream with many rapid flows. Its starts at the Asralt Khairkhan mountain and has a full of lenok, salmon and sturgeon. Overnight in a tent.    


Day 3. Horse riding in Terelj Area

After breakfast in the amazing forest steppe under the sunshine we continue second day’s ride. Today, we horse trek along the Terelj River to the remotest corner of the valley, the corner is called Ulyn bulan, a hidden place where is not many inhabitants. The distance of the ride will be approximately 25-35km. We enjoy some photo sessions of wild life on the way including stopovers in the nomadic herdsmen’s encampment area. There we can experience everyday life of local herdsmen to explore how they herd and milk their animals such as cattle, yak, sheep and horses. The most important practice would be tasting airag-Mongolia’s refreshing drink of choice. We ride back to our base camp and overnight in the camp.       


Day 4. Horse riding/Ulaanbaatar

Peaceful breakfast at the camp and throughout the morning we ride in the valley between the granite rocky mountain. Our route takes us through the wide, open meadows, steppes that Mongolia is most renowned for –past grazing herds of sheep, horses and nomadic gers. In the afternoon we drive back to Ulaanbaatar-the nation’s capital on the way we will visit Chinggis Khaan statue. Overnight at the hotel.    


Day 5. Departure

Today is the end of your tour. Early morning, we will check out you from the hotel and transfer to Chinggis Khaan international airport for your flight back to home. 



  • 1night 3star hotel twin based in Ulaanbaatar                          
  • 1night in ger camp twin based                                                 
  • Arrival and departure private transfer                                      
  • All meals mentioned on the itinerary                                       
  • Professional tour guide throughout the tour                             
  • Transportation throughout the tour                                          
  • Horse for rent
  • Tents, matts twin shared
  • Local horse guide 
  • Sightseeing per itinerary
  • Entrance fee to the national park
  • 2 bottles of water per day


  •  International flight
  • Travel insurance
  • Tipping
  • Personal expense
  • Sleeping bag
  • All drinks

TOUR PACKAGE /per person/ USD

2pax       –  888USD

3-5pax    –  709USD

6-9pax    –  568USD

10-15pax – 503USD

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