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from 1534 USD

Imagine having a cup of tea with a reindeer herder family in a small, cozy teepee by a Mongolian beautiful lake. This tour will bring you an opportunity to experience both adventure and comfort. From horseback riding with a nomad to a relaxing day on shore of the lake, you will return home with one of your most unforgettable experiences.


  • Day 1. Arrival and drive to Amarbayasgalant                   /LD/           Ger camp
  • Day 2. Bulgan province                                                  /BLD/           Ger camp
  • Day 3. Khuvsgul lake                                                     /BLD/           Ger camp
  • Day 4. Khuvsgul lake                                                     /BLD/           Ger camp
  • Day 5. Jargaliin jiguur                                                    /BLD/           Ger camp
  • Day 6. Khorgo extinct volcano                                       /BLD/           Ger camp
  • Day 7. Tsenkher jiguur                                                   /BLD/            Ger camp
  • Day 8. Khankhorin                                                         /BLD/            Ger camp
  • Day 9. Khustai National park - UB                               /BLD/             Hotel
  • Day 10. Departure       



Day 1. Amarbayasgalant Monastery 

Our driver and English speaking guide will pick you up from the airport then we will head to Amarbayasgalant monastery, which was the biggest pilgrimage Buddhist center for Mongols in 18-19th century. Meantime the monastery had 40 temples and over 6000 monks before it affected by anti-religious victimization in 1930s. The architectural complex of the monastery embodies Manchu-style spatial arrangement in construction planning, Chinese architectural arts, and vernacular architectural elements and knowledge of Mongolian people. After restoration it has registered in Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO. Overnight in a ger camp.


Day 2. Bulgan Province 

On this day, we will expand our journey to Bulgan province. The province is famous for its breathtaking nature with a thick forest covered mountains, magnificent pasturelands and even streams with beautiful bank. Throughout the day, we will hike up to ‘Uran’ extinct volcano, its mountainsides are covered with fir and ebony forest. Also there is a lake inside the crater. Overnight in ger camp. 


Day 3. Khuvsgul Lake

After having breakfast, we will pack up and head for the long, yet for incredibly scenic drive to Khuvsgul Lake. Along the way to the lake we will have lunch in Murun town. Khuvsgul lake is the deepest and the 2nd most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia. The lake is surrounded by snow topped mountain ranges from its west side and by flat topped mountains with slopping mountainsides, covered by forest from east side.  Once we reach Khuvsgul Lake, we will check-in to our ger camp on the west shore of Khuvsgul Lake which means you will see a breathtaking view of the lake just outside your ger door. Overnight in ger camp. 


Day 4. Khuvsgul Lake

On this day, our journey will continue with exploring another fascinating culture of Reindeer herder people. The Reindeer herders are national minorities who live in the northern border of Mongolia, have their own living method, unique culture, salient religion and even unique dialect. Their way of life is to herd reindeers and deserve the benefits of their reindeers. When you visit the reindeer herder family, you will get an opportunity to learn their routes of life and explore the life in taiga forest. We will have lunch on the bank of the lake and drive back to the ger camp. Overnight in ger camp.


Day 5. Jargaliin Jiguur 

We will drive to Jargaliin Jiguur. Jargaliin Jiguur is located by the Ider river which is rich with different types of fish. Overnight in ger camp.


Day 6. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake and Khorgo extinct volcano

On this day we will travel to another lake named Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake also called "White Lake", which is elevated at 2,060 m above the sea level. The White lake is a heaven for bird watchersThe lake is surrounded by extinct volcano named Khorgo, which has an altitude of 2965 m above the sea level..contains spectacular combinations of ebony forest covered mountain scenery and rocky formations formed by volcanic eruptions. After lunch, we visit extinct crater of the Khorgo volcano which is located in the east of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake. The Khorgo volcano is located at an altitude of 2200 meters, its slopes are covered with basalt and its crater forms an almost perfect cone of 200 meters in diameter and 100 meters deep. Its last eruption was 8000 years ago; it was the last active volcano in Mongolia. Overnight in ger camp.


Day 7. Tsenkher Jiguur

After breakfast, the team will accompany you to visit tsenkher Hot Spring. Which is the 2nd – hottest spring in Mongolia elevated at 1860 m above the sea level. Water from this geological spectacle emerges from the ground at 87°C with flow rate of 101/sec. Composition of sodium carbonate, hydro-carbonate, sulphur and other chemical ingredients have healing property for some ailments. Facilities include outdoor pools (separately for men and women), showers, and both cozy gers and houses. In the afternoon, we will drive to a village for visit Zayan Gegeen Monastery, founded in the 17th century, housed over 1000 monks before its closing in 1930s. Overnight in ger camp.


Day 8. Kharkhorin


After having breakfast; we will head to Kharkhorin city. The city had existed as a capital for world’s largest contiguous empire for over 60 years. In the Kharkhorin city, we will explore a museum, has many exhibitions which show world nomads’ history from brutal hunter gatherers till’ most powerful and consummate empire throughout the world. Meantime, we will acquaint the biggest Buddhist Monastery Museum in Mongolia, with an expensive and precious Buddhist art works from 17th century’s monks including mold deities of gold and silver, thankas, split paintings and manuscripts. Overnight in ger camp. 


Day 9. Khustai National Park – Ulaanbaatar

Early morning, we will pack up and head for a long drive to the capital Ulaanbaatar. Along the way to the capital, we will explore a national park named Khustai. Which has a beautiful diversity of both endangered animals and plants. The National park has unique inhabitants such as world’s last species of wild horse named ‘Przewalski’s horse’, roe deer, mountain sheep ‘Argali’, ibex, lynx and more. After an exploration of the National Park, our tour will continue to the capital Ulaanbaatar and check-in to our hotel. In the evening, our farewell dinner will take place in your hotel. Overnight at a hotel.


 Day 10. International Departure

Today is the end of your tour. Early morning, we will check out from the hotel and transfer to Chinggis Khaan international airport for your flight back to home.


 TOUR INCLUSION                                                           

  • 1 night at 3*hotel twin based in Ulaanbaatar                           
  • 8 nights camp twin based                                                        
  • Arrival and departure private transfer                                     
  • All meals mentioned on the itinerary                                       
  • Professional tour guide throughout the tour                                                
  • Transportation throughout the tour                                          
  • Sightseeing per itinerary
  • Entrance fee to the national park
  • 2 bottles of water per day


  • International flight
  • Travel insurance
  •  Boat ride
  • Tipping
  • Personal expense
  • All drinks


  • 2pax        – 1787USD
  • 3-5pax     – 1690USD
  • 6-9pax     – 1612USD
  • 10-15pax – 1534USD

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