The Reindeer Festival is one of the must-see events in Asia. Tsaatan people from all-over Taigas gathers to celebrate their successful breeding of reindeer in July, annually. In the course of the festival, reindeer race, and hand-made trade exhibition of Darkhad people are organized by herders. The festival attracts thousands of travelers and gives them chances to acquaint their unique way of existence.

The festival is aimed at promoting the unique culture of reindeers, protecting the animal and attracting both domestic and foreign tourists. According to the country‚Äôs National Statistics Office, the reindeer population in Mongolia reached 2,396 at the end of 2018, increasing by 167 head compared to the previous year. 

Tsaatan people, the reindeer herders are national minorities who live in the Taiga forest in the most northern part of Mongolia. They have their own unique culture, language, and even an interesting religion.  In the northern Mongolia, there are totally over 350 Tsaatan people from about 40 families and approximately 2396 reindeer /2018/ exist. Their way of life is to herd reindeer, taking benefits of their reindeer, and hunting. Tsaatans are nomadic people who live in a teepee which is a round-shaped yurt made of narrow branches of wood covered by felt or tent cloths.

Mongolian government has been implementing several works with the aim of improving the quality of their life and to promote conservation of reindeer and preserve unique culture and tradition of the national minority.

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